Giving Voice to Soul
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Steffeny Smith, LCSW
Into the Body Psychotherapy

I work with individuals, couples and groups, drawing from traditional psychoanalytic theories, as well as a broader spectrum of ideologies. My focus is a spiritual one, connecting mind, body and spirit, allowing one to live from an intuitive core more conscious of choices, actions and behaviors.

How does your healing modality work?
I believe in body, mind and spirit integration. I work collaboratively with other practitioners who use acupressure, massage, breath work and energy healing. Developing trust and intimacy is key for transformation to take place. The therapeutic connection assists the client in developing an internal voice, which cultivates the innate wisdom, they already possess. Through discovery of an authentic self, I help people live a more present, joyful and compassionate life.

Why do people come to see you?
Individuals who have come to a cross-roads or face a crisis in their lives, seeking guidance for a variety of issues such as grief, loss, relationship issues, sexual abuse, eating disorders, depression and trauma. Others who have worked with me value my ability to be honest, direct, intuitive, non-judgmental and playful. I am very committed to the relationship, which I feel is the curative piece. I am not afraid to get into the layers and inner world of ones life, and stay with it. I have respect and highest regard for how difficult the work is and believe this is communicated.

What are the benefits/results people see?
Clients will receive the benefit of improved health, and sexuality through an awareness of the mind/body connection. Helping a client to notice and observe themselves, with new awareness and curiosity, present to all parts of ones self, is a celebration and gift I share with those I work with. My hope is that through the healing, therapeutic process, the individual can embrace change and that their lives are lived more in the moment; living a fuller life, free of anxiety, fear, self-doubt and limiting core beliefs. The goal for the client is a sense of self-acceptance that will enable them to live a more openhearted and compassionate life. This ultimately leads to improvement in their relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

Areas of Practice
Addictions, Depression, Relationship Issues, Alcoholism, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders/Phobias, Divorce/Dissolution, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Gay/Lesbian Issues
Infidelity, Parenting Issues, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Substance Abuse
Women's Issues, CranialSacral Therapy/energy work, Obesity/bariatric surgeries

Office Hours and Availability
Monday through Saturday.
I have flexible hours, days, nights, Saturdays.
It is only with the heart that the soul can see rightly what is essential to the invisible eye.  The eyes are blind.  We must see with the heart.
- Antoine St. Exupery
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